Time is precious. Children are curious to learn. Why not gift a unique talent to your child! If interested then your favourite art classes , ‘gunjanartclasses’ is the right place. We see a budding artist in every child. Our vision is to help children foster creativity, aesthetics which not only cultivate a talent, but also transcend into long term careers. We see an animator, designer, architect in every child!

Many short courses are available through the summer this time!

  • Water colours
  • Oil pastels
  • Oil painting
  • Fabric painting
  • Still life
  • Perspective
  • Colour theory
  • Graphite & charcoal
  • Oil based pencil colours
  • Water soluble pencil colours
  • Handwriting Classes
  • Calligraphy – Foundational Font , Italic , Copperplate Calligraphy
  • Clay painting

Emphasis is on teaching the required skill, so that it becomes a life long asset.

Along with it all the personality traits like, neatness, cleanliness, patience, perfection , stability, punctuality, care, hope, ambition, curiosity to learn, concentration, determination to achieve and do better every time etc. are taugh


2 thoughts on “Gift A Talent to Your Child

  1. Good evening!
    Would like to know if you have classes for adults!?
    I’m def interested!!!
    And if you have any ongoing/upcoming workshops this month!?


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