Classes for the Months of July and August :


Clay Painting /Craft

During the months of July and August I’ll be  teaching how to make roses.

There are two levels :

  1. Beginner Level 
  2. Advanced level .

These roses can be used to make :

  1. cards ,
  2. paintings ,
  3. jewelry ,
  4. dry flower arrangements,
  5. Students who learn the technique can make roses for cake decoration,
  6. Thali decoration,
  7. Rakhi making etc .


   One Stroke Painting 

For one stroke painting during these two months we’ll be doing :

  1. Basic strokes for one stroke painting ,
  2. Two flowers  and their leaves .
  3. Make two paintings 20cm x 20cm each with the strokes and techniques learnt .


    Water Colour 

  1. Basic water colour techniques ,
  2. Make four to eight paintings according to the speed of the student and size of the painting chosen


    Oil Pastels

  1.    We’ll do four new textures in oil pastels .
  2. Basic techniques required for the medium .
  3. Make no. of  paintings depending on the size of the sheet and the speed of the student .

    Pencil colours

  1.  Basic techniques practice
  2. Sketching.
  3.  Textures with pencil colours .
  4. Make paintings from reference and imagination .  

  Charcoal and graphite 


  1.  Basic and advanced techniques of graphite and pencil colours .
  2.  Still life.
  3.  Make paintings from reference .


     Teaching how to write alphabets , capital & small , numbers , punctuation marks ,

      words, sentences , paragraphs , and headings in the following fonts . 

  1.  Foundational Font .
  2.  Itallic Cursive Font .
  3.  Copperplate Font ( advanced level) .

Contact no. +919888831021 . 

Timings between  1:00 pm to 4:00 pm , Five days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday .)

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