Foundational Font Calligraphy

Level 1:

  • Course Duration:

24 Hours spread over a period of 24 days.

(one class duration=1hour)

  • All that is included in the Level 1 Course:
  1. Knowledge about all the materials required for ‘Foundational Font Calligraphy’
  2. Method of how to hold and write with a calligraphy pen
  3. Minuscules(small or lower-case letters)
  4. Majuscules(capital, uppercase letters)
  5. Numbers(0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
  6. Punctuation Marks
  7. Thorough understanding of the shape of each letter is taught
  8. Joining letters and forming words in Foundational Hand Calligraphy
  9. Joining words to form sentences in Foundational Hand Calligraphy
  10. Understanding the right proportion & spacing of letters words and sentences
  11. Prose writing
  12. Required drill is given at each stage so that the student reaches a significant level of perfection
  13. Students end up with great confidence & skill achievement by the end of the course.
  • Material:

All the materials will be bought by the student.


Application of the font and calligraphy in home, school , projects & Business etc.

Certificate for Calligraphy Course

Certificate will be given after the completion of the course with both levels (level1 & Level2)



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