Art Courses Available


Drawing & Painting Classes

Handwriting Classes

Calligraphy Classes 

Craft Classes

Following Classes are not scheduled in advance . These are scheduled on demand . 

  1. Paper Art
  2. Rangoli
  3. Mehandi Art
  4. Nail Art

Emphasis is on teaching the required skill, so that it becomes a life long asset. Along with it all the personality traits like, neatness, cleanliness, patience, perfection, stability, punctuality, care, hope, ambition, curiosity to learn, concentration, determination to achieve and do better every time etc are taught.


Gift A Talent to Your Child.Time is precious. Children are curious to learn.

Why not gift a unique talent to your child! If interested then your favourite art classes,‘gunjanartclasses’ is the right place.
We see a budding artist in every child.
Our vision is to help children foster creativity, aesthetics which not only cultivate a talent, but also transcend into long term careers. We see an animator, designer, architect in every child!

9 thoughts on “Art Courses Available

Add yours

  1. Good evening!
    Would like to know if you have classes for adults!?
    I’m def interested!!!
    And if you have any ongoing/upcoming workshops this month!?


  2. Dear Gunjan,

    Im keen on getting my 9 year old daughter some drawing and painting class from you during Aug this year, for apprx 3 weeks and she is will be able to come to you upto twice a week.

    So for apprx 6 classes for 1 hour, could you please let me know your charges.

    She loves to draw and colout but im really keen for someone professional to teach her.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    1. Hi Harpreet ,
      Your daughter is most welcome . I always look forward for students with a passion to learn art .
      My class Charges :
      1). Rs. 2000 /- for eight One Hour Classes .
      2). Rs. 4000/- for eight two hour classes .
      Happy learning ,


  3. Hi

    I am interested in learning oil painting. Could you please let me know the duration n fees?. FYI, I have a good practice in pencil sketching n charcoal drawings.



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