Art Club

Gunjan Art & Craft Club For Children & Adults.


Art club for aspirants who want to create art at their own under the guidance of a mentor.The beginners who aspire to do some kind of art and need  support to overcome their fears of starting and building up their dream projects, this is the right place to begin.Children and adults all are welcome.

I believe children have their hearts and minds full of their own individual kind of creative ideas, they just need a cordial and well equipped environment to embrace their hidden creative abilities. Then see the wonders they can create. As this is a common platform where we will work together, we expect that we respect each others abilities, p of iiilearning, skill level, achievements disregarding the age level & skill level .

No previous art & craft experience is required .Realise your own individual artistic vision.


  • Materials Can be purchased on demand & pre-ordered, within the club .


  • Create anything: Whatever idea comes in your mind, pursue your heart and create it! Maybe you can bring a new art form in the world! I invite you to follow your heart and create!
  • Common Platform: All artists will create art in a friendly and learning based environment. A platform to exchange skill & ideas .
  • Field Trips: Field trips, where artists can meet together and create art .
  • Try Complex Projects: Have the freedom to try complex projects.
  • Display Art: Artists will have an opportunity to display art (Conditions apply).
  • Exhibitions: We hold our own customised exhibitions.

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